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We need your help:

What is Human Trafficking?


Can you picture for a moment, a young teenage girl, or a runaway boy, facing the most traumatic time of their life...because they unknowingly said yes to a trafficker whose main goal, was to use them as a commodity. Someone to be bought and sold. This unaware young person who might live next door to you, or go to the Junior or Senior High around the corner, or maybe they attend the same church as you, or worse yet…. they’re one of your children, and they don’t have any idea of what awaits them unless they’re educated as to what is happening around them.


According to the FBI, San Diego is one of the 3 top cities in California for Human Trafficking.


And in a recent three-year study funded by the Department of Justice…. Measuring the Nature and Extent of Gang Involvement in San Diego (110 known gangs) ….. we have an estimated Human Trafficking underground economy of $810 million dollars each year... Each trafficker can make around $45 thousand dollars a month….couple that with the demand side of men wanting to buy sex, and we have a recipe for disaster…..making our children vulnerable prey.


Of the 20 schools studied...90% had documented Human Trafficking cases reported…. With the average age of recruitment is between 14 and 15 years old.


Did you hear me say 90% of our schools are affected by Human Trafficking? And they’re recruiting our 14 and 15-year-old, naive children?


Our Call to Action...


Innocence Lost believes it’s our job to empower our communities by bringing Human Trafficking presentations to all who will hear…. Because there are things that we don’t see... not because they’re not there, but because we don’t understand them.

Along with presenting at any place in San Diego that we can go to, we are…..

  • Working with local shopping centers…..Knowing that shopping centers are notoriously known as a place for traffickers to approach teens, we are presently working on training the security in shopping centers to know the signs of trafficking, and what to do when they see something suspicious.  We will also be setting up tables in the shopping centers to educate the shoppers and their families...about this sometimes silent, danger around them.


  • Working on implementing a program …. “a Cyber Patrol” where men educate sex buyers about the realities of Human Trafficking.


  •  We are working on bringing government officials, businesses, and concerned citizens together, to work on how we will change our communities concerning this ever-present problem.


Innocence Lost is funded by donations and grants...


In order to grow and sustain this much-needed organization, we need your help. Will you consider a donation to help us continue the fight? Your support will make it possible for us to reach more youth, families, and members of our communities with much-needed education.  


A yearly commitment of a monthly donation or a one-time donation will be so appreciated. We are a 501(c) (3) nonprofit.  Give us a call for more information or to donate...1-619-804-1263


The children of our communities will be forever thankful….

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