Signs Continued...

Parents,Teachers,Employers,Counselors,Nurses,Doctors,Other professionals and 

friends of trafficking victims are often unaware of the abuse

that is happening right in front of their eyes....



  • Running away from home

  • Truancy, chronic absenteeism

  • Sudden drop in grades

  • Changes in friends or alienation from regualr friends

  • Rumors among students regarding sex activities

  • Sudden change in behaviour, attitude or attire

  • Anger, agression, being suicidal or fearful

  • Claims of a new mysterious/secretive "boyfriend"

  • Use of drugs 

  • Weight loss

  • Bruises or other physical trauma

  • New cell phone or multiple cell phones

  • Use of terminology related to prostitution

  • Tattoos that are related to pimping/prostitution activity

  • Secrecy with social media and phone

(Taken from the San Diego County District Attorney)